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    Prince is the 4th best CB this season

    http://i.imgur.com/wL1K9.jpg4th in both passer rating against and 4th in completion %.

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    I'm not surprised. I already said a couple of days ago that it's no surprise the secondary has been much since ever since Prince came back.

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    Prince has been impressive. On his way to being a number one guy at this rate.

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    Reps reps and more reps...what every young player needs.

    Some bust huh?

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    People always forget it took CWeb almost 3 seasons to get it down. Prince is still basically a rookie.
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    Prince is destroying a lot of haters.

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    but he and Beatty are busts, so how is that possible?

    and when are Bradshaw's retirement papers going thru

    and Hix... ok i'll stop

    good info !
    Apologize to Melo 5

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    Interesting, none of the Dallas corners are on there

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    It pains me that C-web is not even on that list. waht is going on with him this year? Is it an injury that we are unaware of or is C-web a product of the Front 4applying pressure. i'm going to have to dig back into previous seasons and compare to what we have so far this season...

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    I noticed that Prince has only seen 16 passes thrown into his coverage. I'm curious if QBs are avoiding him because of his tight coverage or more so because Webster hasn't played that well this year.
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