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    I'm still hoping for my pipe dream of Kelly Olynck in the draft, but hes risen to far up probably for him to go to the knicks, but Gorgui Dieng C Louisville or even Jeff Withey of Kansas are some defensive orientated C's that would be solid picks, as well as Shane Larkin Miami at PG, who is similar to DJ Augustin, or even a better shooting Ty Lawson.. Nate Wolters and CJ McCollum are a couple others i'd be interested in..

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    Quote Originally Posted by nycsportzfan View Post
    Ya, of course Melo wasen't to blame, but there are times the guy kills ya..

    For instance, in GAME6, the knicks were hitting everything at one point, when Shump was tearing it up, and Copeland was hitting shots, and evfen JR Smith was hitting shots, and then inexplicably, Melo gets the ball and completely goes into hold the ball mode, at the worst time possible.. Then turnovers happen, and much more difficult, not in rythym shots occur.. Almost as if he says "oh, i gotta get involved in this!", instead of keeping the ball moving, and if he does get the ball, attack immedietly, or at least make ur move and dish, instead of going into complete one on one mode, kiilling mad clock.. Thats where people start to blame Carmelo Anthony.. He dosen't know what to do in certain flows of the game..

    But overall, obviously its not his fault.. But it don't matter who we have, if all ur leaving em with is a shot that needs to be taken within 4seconds of them recieving the ball or else the shot clock is gonna run out.. Melo could be the best overall player in the league if he somehow could stop with that clock dragging mode at the wrong times..
    that's not how i remember it at all. i remember after shump went off frpm 3 woody had him on the bench for most of the 4th. the whole team was out of rhythm by the time melo even re-entered the game in the 4th. i forget the exact lineup but i remember being pissed about it. melo was cooking in the 3rd and then gave up the ball repeatedly which allowed shump and other guys to hit shots. then woody started the 4th with the scrub bench unit and got everyone out of the zone.

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    the pacers have little chance to stop the heat's offense. how is hibbert going to guard bosh at the 5? if you don't know bosh has 3pt range now. against us he could leave chandler to help guard the paint because chandler is a scrub... bosh will make them pay if they leave him open.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Redeyejedi View Post
    I feel bad fro getting on Melo earlier in the year, he doesnt have Shaq like Kobe did, he doesnt have Bosh and Wade. I cant believe some of the media is still blaming him. I love the Marc Berman piece with Jim Boehiem in the paper. He rips every Knick. He told his son Melo was going to need 50 to win. He slammed Chandler saying how Chandler was talking about ball movement . He was like Hibbert had [21] points u had [2] in Game 6. Felton was 0-7 from the floor Lance Stephenson had [25]. He said Prigs never scored against the US in international play and these are the guys supposed to help Melo win a title. 1 thing i disagree with is the Prigs slam I thought he was 1 of the Knicks best players in the series.
    +1. Can anybody name one guy on the Knicks roster who is without a doubt our second option?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rudyy View Post
    +1. Can anybody name one guy on the Knicks roster who is without a doubt our second option?
    it was supposed to be amare... unfortunately he can't stay healthy.

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    melo was playing with a partially torn labrum. it actually happened at the end of the regular season against the pacers in the game we clinched the 2nd seed. then i remember against the celtics KG's dirty *** pulled on it and made it worse.

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    paul george just hit a huge 3 to send it to overtime and it didnt look like it was easy.

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    pacers are forcing the heat to play their game. great game i was glad it went to overtime.

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    george hits 3 big free throws to take a 1 point lead and now james easily goes in for the layup for the win. unreal. miami wins 103-102.

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    vogel is worse than woodson. he sits hibbert on defense and lebron gets layups with ease. what a dummy.

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