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    Kiwi@DE, 1x thing or...?

    I thought Kiwi looked damn good at DE vs SF. Honestly didn't seem like he missed a beat or switched to LB...

    And it seemed to really boost the DL as we got 6 sacks and more pressures after being stagnant the prior few weeks.

    You guys think we'll see Kiwi a lot more at DL now, maybe even more than LB? With Rivers healthy, I'd assume moving Kiwi to DL would make sense....

    He didn't get much noise, but IIRC he had at least 1 sack, was pretty good in the run game although SF abandoned it really...I personally always thought Kiwi had a great upside at DE and that had he been given the time to really master the craft, he could become a nightmare...

    edit- and imo, kiwi made more of an impact as a DE vs SF than he's made as a LB in a while...

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    I could be wrong, but wasn't Kiwi used as part of a 5-man line against SF? Hey, whatever works to get pressure on the QB.

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    Was a nice fit. From what Fewell said before the game, I think we will see it again. He said he will use guys where he needs for specific opponents. I don't think anything is off the table as far as the D- line is concerned. I love it. Keep em guessing.

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