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    Now that peyton is back, where does Eli rank on the top 5?

    I remember when the debate used to be between romo and Eli. Eli won. Then it used to be rivers vs Eli. Eli won. Even though public perception may rank brees a head of Eli, i think Eli has surpassed him. Some of you may feel different. What has me puzzled is (peyton, Eli, and rodgers). Now all 5 of the top QBs are so good and so close you can make the case for each of them being number 1.

    On my list i would have


    Where would you rank eli now?. Eli peyton and rodgers are all playing at such a high level its tough for me to rank them.

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    Peyton is an all time great. But as far as this year. Eli is still ahead of him. Have to see how it pans out.
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    Right now he is above Peyton.

    Even tho big bro lead a second half come back for the ages over all Eli is on top this season

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    Wow...nice topic!

    Eli, Rodgers, Ben, Brees, Ryan

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    Eli is currently #3 in ESPN's QBR rating and #1 in Footballoutsiders DYAR and DVOA ratings...add in the fact that he's the defending superbowl MVP and you get best quarterback in the NFL.
    1. Eli
    2. Brady
    3. Rogers
    4. Peyton
    5. Ryan

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    Brady, Brees, Rodgers, Eli.....not sure if Peyton would even be 5th

    I'd still rather have Eli over any of them, but based on just the tangibles from a non-Giants non biased perspective, that's how I would rank them.

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    1a. Peyton - So impressed with how well he is doing with a new team and coming off a serious injury
    1b. Eli - Would of been #1 but Peyton's performance against SD is hard to not fall in love with (Yeah I know the defense helped too but still)
    3. Rodgers - Has really stepped up his play the last 3 weeks.
    4. Brady - Still good of course but doesn't look as great as he used to without a top 5 Oline
    5. Ryan - Has been more clutch than Brees and I've been impressed with him outside the Raiders game.

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    I'd rather have Eli than any of them. Here is my take...1. Eli, Rodgers and Breese2. Peyton, Brady, Roth3. Ryan - on his way to joining group 2 above

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    2 rings, 3 SB's...dudes no slacker.

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