Excerpt: "With the news that forthcoming Browns owner Jimmy Haslam was approved to actually own the team and with the report that Cleveland general manager Tom Heckert is telling those close to him that he's worried for his job, it only makes sense that coach Pat Shurmur's employment status could be in real trouble too.

Naturally, that leads us to wonder who would replace Shurmur as the sixth full-time Browns coach since 2000 if he were to get fired. How about Jon Gruden?

Well,'s Pete Prisco, how about it?

“The name you keep hearing in circles and rumors is Jon Gruden,” Prisco said on's Pro Football 360(video below). “Haslam is a Tennessee guy and at one point, he was linked to Gruden trying to get him to come to Tennessee. That's a guy to keep an eye on.” Read more...