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We are contenders though and quite honestly, you havent beaten anyone except the one year wonders, the 49ers (Who by the way lost to the Vikings, a team we just beat)

Surely, you have to be smart enough to realize that we're legit this year.

brb RG3
brb Alfred Morris
brb best coach in the league
brb best fans/home field advantage in the league
brb every other team in our division sucks
brb Adam Carriker

brb brb
So by your line of thinking, since the Vikings beat the 49ers and the Skins beat the Vikings, the Skins would beat the 49ers then? It does not work that way in the NFL. This is not alegbra where if A>B and B>C, then A has to be greater than C.

And dont worry about who the Giants played, they have no control of who is on their schedule. You play who is on your schedule man.

And though Griffin has looked good and morris seems legit in the NFL, its going to be a typical NFC East battle.

By the way Vince Young and Cam Newton looked very good in their rookie campaigns, but then opposing d-coordinators figured them out.