Please don't try to tell me that the reason the Yankees have started treating ARod like a red headed step child is because he flirted with 2 women in the stands, because if that is the reason, they need to un retire Mickey Mantle's number and remove his plaque from monument park!
Mantle was the biggest cooze hound on the Yankees and they practically canonized the guy!
And don't tell me that it's because of his post season disappearing act because nobody on this team earned their money in the playoffs except Ibanez andIchiro.
At least Rodriguez has 09 to brag about because a lot of players past and present from 09 did nothing and without ARod, we don't get number 27!
The hypocrisy drives me nuts. The way they treated Rodriguez this post season was despicable and if he's really played his last game as a Yankee then I've watched my last game as a Yankee fan!!!
Girardi and his tiresome and totally ineffective over managing and ridiculous situational pitching changes are as responsible for this teams downfall as the lack of hitting was.
I think todays game was the perfect microcosm of Girardi's "strategy" being exposed as idiotic and counterproductive as the game got worse and worse with each pitching change.
So I bid a fond farewell to A-Rod and a giant GOOD RIDDANCE to idiot Girardi, the idiot twins Walman and Sterling, the blowhard Michael Kay and the poor man's George Steinbrenner ........Brian Cashman!