Skins fans make it out like they smoked us in both games.

First game I give them some credit.

1. Our secondary was horrid, 2 TD with guys wide open.
2. Eli has pass deflected at our own 15ish and skins get 3rd TD.
3. Tynes has FG blocked.

Flooky win, but nothing compared to second game.

Second game

1. Hakeem drops sure TD, right through his hands
2. Eli picked after pass bounces off Loundon Fletchers head
3. Eli throws into double coverage on nicks, gets pic'd
4. DJ Ware TD called back even though he was over line.
5. Diehl called for hold (what a surprise) and Eli gets sacked
to end game down in green zone.

Gees, talk about flookey dookie.

Does anyone think even half of that is going to happen this year.
We would have destroyed them if we played them after the jets
game and they all know it. I'm even more confident than I was.