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    Question Redskins MB very quiet.....they seem to be tip toeing through the cemetery

    There is a visceral hatred over there for John Mara and some nonsense about their Cap woes.

    I didn't realize John was bending the NFL's cap rules to our advantage........hillarious

    As for the game they are hanging thier hopes on RG 3- Better known as Bob Griffin (who they compare to Eli....Wow) and the fact they won 2 last year
    as if that mattered

    These guys have loser written all over them

    I wonder if any of them watched us dismantle Carolina and their RG3 look alike

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    I won't call them losers. Especially not RGIII.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ashleymarie View Post
    I won't call them losers. Especially not RGIII.
    I did not call them losers overall.......but they have the smell of fresh kill for this game coming up.... go to their boards...they are extremely nervous........overall they are definitely improved over last year and I would not be suprised if they come in #2 in our division

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