Re: **** the Giants. No Really, **** Them.
Been my most hated team for years living here in Giants country. Eli that goofy ******* who was too good for San Diego and who people actually compare to Peyton just cause he lucked into 2 Super Bowls. Coughlin who always shows up first in the "least favorite coaches" list, is always on the hot seat at some point during the year, always has that annoyed rat face on, and always manages to keep his job. **** Mara for being Roger's butt buddy and screwing us royally. Constant media slurping and overexposure. F them for getting an extra home game when Katrina hit and playing "road" games in London. To hell with Victor Cruz who somehow gets away with the dance celebration and **** NBC for actually giving him his own music JUST cause he's a Giant!! Screw Brett Favre, David Tyree, Kyle Williams, and Wes Welker for letting these dopes win 2 SBs. Screw Tiki, Antonio, Tuck, and JPP. They had the luckiest, flukiest 2 SB runs in NFL history and they think they're the greatest team ever seen. Last year they were the worst SB champ of all time. If we were only to win 2 games all year, I wish it was against these guys.