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    1st thread although I think I had an account here back in the day.  I tried to use my old user name and they said its in use but maybe Im wrong and thats someone else. Anyways, Im not a troll and I hope for a great game today. I check out your forum from time to time and find it to be a good one. I came on here to clear up some things I read. I saw a thread on here about RG3 throwing all passes behind the LOS or him being a run 1st QB which is totally untrue.

    He leads the league in completeion percentage. Short passes or not, you have to admit that is very impressive for a rookie. The screen stuff is not true. We did it non stop in our very 1st series of the 1st game of the year. Since then we rarely throw it and when we do, we only get like 5-7 yards on it. People dont realize that not only is he completely 70% of his passes but he's 2nd in the league in ypa. Higher than Eli. That means weather they are short or not, our guys are getting more yards per play than any passing unit in the league sans 1.

    Now dont get me wrong. For the most part we havent gone downfield. We are running the West Coast Offense passing game. Most of the passes are short or from 10-15 yards. Quick slants and in cuts off the playaction moreo in the way that Bill Walsh use to run with Joe Montana & SF did with Steve young. RG3 is extremely accurate on those plays so guys can get yards after the catch.

    If you think he's a run 1st guy you will be mistaken. He doesnt ever run unless he has to and Im talking about he will go through 4 reads before he takes off. Thats another misconception. People assume because he's a rookie and he's running that he only has 1 read and if its not there then he's taking off but its not true. He's very good at going to the 2nd & 3rd wr's. Mostly all short stuff but I think that's not a huge concern to us because he was known in College for being the best deep ball thrower and there was a stat the other day that said he had the best rating in the league on deeper passes even though he hasnt thrown many. It said it just proves he's picking his spots well.

    As for the Offense, we are being hurt by not having Garcon. You can tell the O was going to be built around him like it was around Moss when he 1st got here. Garcon wouldve been a top 5wrr n our system this year. He dominated in the Preseason and had 109 yards in just 8 plays in the 1st game but either hasnt played or been healthy since. You can tell that it changes both our passing game and the Shanny's confidence in it. Its no coicedence that RG3 threw for over 300 in game 1 and then Garcon's 1st game back but thats it. We have a good & deep core of wr's but they are all pretty much 2's and maybe even 3's at best. Thats why we need Garcon because it then all fits into place.

    I truly have not felt that anyone has stopped our O all year. I feel like the only time we have been stopped, it has been our own fault. People say stuff like that all the time and I think its crap but I truly feel that way about us. On the road our O has been good in every game. At home wever struggled at times and to me thats part of the reason we lost like 9 in a row until last week. For some reason we go mad conservative at home.

    The Offense is all run run run run run, screen pass. I dont get it. Last week in the 1st quarter it started the same way. We ended up scoring 38pts but I bet if Minny doesnt jump out 9-0 on us that we only score about 17pts. We wouldve stayed conservative the whole way. Instead, we got behind and they had to coach like they do on the road and again we were unstoppable. RG3 had like 138yds rushing and was like 16-19 180yds in this last 3 quarters.

    For all those who think it was all short passes, go look at the play by play or ask the Minny fans. It was all like 10-20 yard passes and all right on the money. John Lynch has done like 3 of our games and he just raves about RG3's accuracy. He has a quick release and doesnt make bad decisions.

    Now lets get to this game. I would feel really confident if I knew 2 things. If Garcon was 100% healthy and I knew Shanny would coach aggressive. I would feel at the very least we would score enough to be in it but would also probably feel we would win. Garcon is out though. I have confidence that the 1st quarter of the Minny game woke Shanny up and he's usually more aggressive on the road anyways so I have faith in that but Im not sold. You will know early. If its all run run run run screen pass then he's going conservative but if we throw any on 1st down then he's going to be aggressive.

    JPP made some comments but Im ok with that. He's a beast and earned that right. Infact, thats my matchup of the game. I would pay anything to watch him vs Trent Williams. Trent has been solid since we drafted him but he had a great offseason and has been straight dominant over the last few games. He killed Jared Allen last game. That will be a great battle. Eli is beasting right now along with the rest of your O. Weve stopped the run well this year. Weve struggled bad against the pass but have been alot better the past few weeks. I think our D gave up over 30pts for like 8 straight games but now has not giving up that in the last 3. I think they always feel like they matchup well with Eli.

    Anyways, Im glad how the schedule broke down. Let RG3 get his feet wet in the NFL and now 6 games in, he gets to get baptized by the NFC Beast. Im sure he will notice the difference in playing the champs and a division game but I also think he will make enough plays to let you guys know that you will have to deal with him for the next 10 years. Its embarrasing to say but weve kinda been the forgotten team in the divison for the most part since the Gibbs SB's but we finally got our QB and as I look over things, I think us and you guys will be a tier over Dallas & Philly in the coming future.

    Good luck and I hope for a good game. I think you will see even if he looks like crap that RG3 is not Vick or Cam. He wants to pass 1st and is a very accurate passer with a quick release and a big arm. No matter what, its still amazing what he's doing as a rookie without Garcon. Trust me, thats a huge loss for us. The O is just not the same but we are still putting up big numbers. I honestly wouldnt be shocked to see us get blown out, lose a close one, or win a close one. If we play aggressive though and throw some on 1st down then I think we will be in it.  Im just worry that Shanny plays conservative to try to keep Eli off the field or the game close. I dont think he will and it will be exciting. Good luck
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