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For 2 weeks in a row, we've had fans coming on here telling us how good their QBs passing stats are. Alex Smith was the top rated QBR QB, RG3 completes 70% of his passes, whoopdee doo! If our QB just threw 5-7 yd screens & dumpoffs the vast majority of the game, he'd complete 80% of his passes. Problem is , Eli can make any type of throw that only the elite QBs can make. Smith has proven he can't, RG3 is still 6 games into his NFL career, so I can't make that judgement on him yet.

All week, the only player these Skins fans have been harping is about RG3, not any other single player on their team. That alone tells me they have no one else on their team they feel is worth talking about. Hope all the smack talkers come back after the game to eat their crow. But like most 9er fans, I doubt it.
It's defintely unfortunate that we have a few Skins fans that find a way to make the rest of us look bad. Do I think the Skins beat themselves today? Absolutely, but I also think the Giants showed why they may be the best team in the league. With that said, it's hard to ignore that the Redskins are quickly becoming dangerous on offense.

I realize a lot of people don't like RG3 (Though has he actually done anything to warrant anyone not liking him?), but the argument about him only throwing short passes all day is getting old pretty fast. News flash, he leads the league with 8.5 yard per completion. He threw 2 perfectly thrown 30+ yard passes today, one for a TD and the other dropped by Hankerson. I'm not sure what he would have to do for even opposing fans to admit he is incredibly talented.

Not to mention, what's wrong with Skins fans bragging about him and only him (though you must be missing the hype about Morris and Kerrigan)? Colts fans bragged about Peyton for how long? He was taken away from them for one season and they dropped to the bottom of the league. Just the same, if you take away Eli, what are the Giants? It's not uncommon for one player to be the difference on a team these days, specifically from the QB position.

Bottom line is the Giants are the better team right now overall, and I have no problem admitting that as a Skins fan...but to think RG3 is overrated, over-hyped or just not that talented is absurd.