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    Cruz or Nicks, for me it's easy

    If, for some awful reason we could only keep one of our two receivers, it'd be Cruz. Simply because Nicks is injury prone. Both guys have amazing talent and can kill defenses, but with Nicks' injury troubles, if we could only keep one, it'd be Cruz. If Nicks were 100%, our offense would be near unstoppable.

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    We will keep both, it would be stupid to let Harkeem and his sure hands go, or Salsa Cruz. They will get rid of some other overpaid starters first.

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    That's hard

    Nicks- Physical recievr that can win against any corner on the line, great at catching in traffic, great blocker, and a deep threat


    Cruz- Has a superior understanding of the offense and great chemistry with Eli, outstanding route runner, uncoverable in the slot, 3rd down machine, and one of the best deep threats in today's game..

    One guy is an all around receiver while the other is an all around RECEIVER if you can understand what that means.

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    We could let Osi go if we needed the cap space.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gmenfan0488 View Post
    We could let Osi go if we needed the cap space.
    Osi's contract is up after this year

    and I wouldn't want to be the one to make that decision. Both of them are such dynamic players that feed off each other. We need to do everything we can to keep them together

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    I really feel like Randle could step like Nicks eventually..... call me crazy.

    I'd tend to say Cruz because I love his speed and finesse, but damn how much I just love the both of them.

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    We have to keep both. No question.

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    Thats a tough one, just because of the durability concerns for Nicks.. If Nicks wasen't injury prone, i'd go Nicks all day long, but he does, and for that reason i'd go with Cruz..

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    Keeping both...You guys realize how expensive that will be against the cap, right?

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    Its not even debateable. We keep Cruz 100%. He has game changin speed and agility something Nicks just doesnt have. They are the perfect complement for one another but Cruz needs to be a Giant for life.

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