if you wish to understand truly bad play calling

watch Jets v Patriots

Jets recover a fumble on a kickoff with 2:01 left .... tie game ... NE has 2 timeouts

the clock is going to stop on the 1st play they run

all the Jets need to do to win is either a 1st down or a TD

Sanchez is playing well and you can throw the ball on 1st down without worrying about conserving time for NE b/c of the 2 minute warning

so what do they do?

Tebow comes in and runs the ball into the center of the line like they were simply centering it for a FG

he doesnt even do a read option type run ... just runs right to the middle of the field

that's bad play calling

give me aggressive all day and night over that

and i can never recall our coaches not understanding the game situation

sure whenever a play doesnt work the monday morning yahoo QBs on here can say ... WHY, THAT PLAY IT DIDNT WORK?!?!?!

but realize truly bad play calling to keep it all in perspective