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A little known classic horror movie is Bob Clark's 1974 "Black Christmas". This is the same director who made the Christmas comedy classic, "A Christmas Story".

This is credited as being the first true slasher movie, except it relies on creepy environment/cinematography to achieve its scares rather than blood/gore.

Basic plot: A killer is terrorizing a sorority house during Christmas break. It is truly quite a disturbing film, and if you watch it by yourself at night I guarantee you will be creeped the **** out.

If you have not seen this film and are a fan of horror movies you NEED to see this.

Here is one of the creepiest scenes

Easily the creepiest horror movie I have ever seen next to John Carpenter's original Halloween. You can tell Carpenter was inspired by this film.
Glad someone brought this movie up. I remember not being able to sleep for a week when I was a kid watching this.