There is one heck of a crop of CB's, but believe it or not, i think theres alot of debate to whos the best and 2nd best and so on and so fourth.. Guys like Desmond Trufant, Jordan Poyer, Carrington Byndom, Jonathan Banks, all seem to be moving up most weeks, and on occasion, down like Byndom a few weeks back, but hes since put a great game together and is back up there.. I absoulutley love Xavier Rhodes size/speed combonation as well, and think he'd be my 1st CB off the board, if i made the decisons.. After that, to me, it gets really close with like 5CB's all looking outstanding.. I'm talking about Demarcus Milliner Bama, Jonathan Banks Miss St, Jordan Poyer Org St, Carrington Byndom Tex, and Desmond Trufant Wash.. To me u can't go wrong with any of those guys.. I'm not huge on David Amerson right now, but he does have some talent, but has been way to inconsistent this yr..

Right now, my rankings for CB's would go like this..

1. Xavier Rhodes CB Florida St.
2. Jordan Poyer CB Oregon St- Unbelievably good!
3. Demarcus Milliner CB Bama
4. Jonathan Banks CB Miss St- tough call for me with banks and milliner..
5. Desmond Trufant CB Washington
6. Carrington Byndom CB Texas

a couple good ones not on this list- Micah Hyde Iowa, Rod Sweeting G.Tech, and Terry Hawthorne Illinois...