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Ya, i woulden't be upset if TJ was our 1st rder, as we have no depth at the positon, especially if we lose KP to FA'cy, and with Rolle being so pricey, u never know when he could be a cap casualty... Also, as awesome as Stevie Brown has been, u have to wonder if he'll keep it up over the long haul? Either way, it'd be smart to lock down another safety in the first few rd's at least.. Baccari Rambo is a guy i'd seriously consider in RD's 2or3 if hes still available.. A good sized playmaking saftey...
I agree that we dont fully know yet what we have in Brown or Hill. But, their emergence has lessened the need, even if only some.

I said this last year going into the draft and I think this year it will be even more true: It seems like the number of "need" positions has been going up and up in recent years.

You could make a legit argument that we have STRONG need at all of the following positions:
and S

I actually think on that list safety might closer to the bottom rather than the top merely because of the emergence of some young talent at the positions.

It is going to be perhaps the most important offseason under Reese short career.