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    Redskins CB Josh Wilson Not Impressed By Cruz.....

    Redskins corner Josh Wilson made no excuses after getting beaten on Cruz’s 77-yard TD, but he did take a parting shot at the salsa-dancing receiver. “He made a play, a straight go route,” Wilson said. “He made a play. I tip my hat to him.

    “He didn’t do anything all game,” Wilson added. “The guy was not a part of the game until the last play. It was an unfortunate situation.”

    Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/sports/fo...#ixzz2A9rgJ4sc

    LOL LOL LOL at Wilson. Those sour grapes must taste really bad.

    GO GIANTS!!!!!

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    6 catches for 54 yards.

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    Ha - classic disrespect - we are the lowly giants and are just glad to be on the same field as players like the ALMIGHTY Josh Wilson.

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    Usually I play devil's advocate on here but not even I can think of defending this Josh Wilson kid in any way possible.
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    well he musta missed that td grab as cruz ran by him...i thought he made him look a fool. when you HAVE to have help covering a guy, dunno if u should be calling into question that guys game...

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    thats because all he saw was his *** as he ran by their secondary...guess he wasn't impressed
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    He's not impressed, yet he got beat. Lol
    Uh..go Giants?

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    I wasnt impressed either. I mean how hard is it to beat Josh Wilson anyway......
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    Maybe some of these players that refuse to talk to the media are on to something.

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    LOL Cruz caught 6 passes prior to that, 4 of which gave us 1st downs. The other 2 receptions both put us in 3rd & 1 situations. Don't player hate, Wilson.

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