Ok Giants and Giants fans. Being a Giants fan in Dallas is a tough thing. So much praise is given to the Cowboys and in particular Mr. Romo yet so much criticism is given to the Giants and Eli. Well, the Cowboys are down here talking a but load of mess about the Giants. I am a former professinal athlete and have ties to some that are regulars around several Cowboys players. Mr. Romo in particular speaks very poorly behind closed doors of the Giants defensive front. Claims they are overrated and that his offensive line will provide all the time he needs to pick the Giants apart. I have to admit that I was hurt by the performance last game when they seemed to pressure Romo in the first half but severely fell off in the second allowing Dallas to win. Garrett has mentioned in this weeks practices that beating the Giants again this Sunday is the first step in their Super Bowl run. Giants, please make sure that does not happen. I have confidence in my team. Let's dominate the Cowboys and send Romo home early this season. GO GIANTS!!!!!!