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Thread: Favourite "anything" in New York!

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    Favourite "anything" in New York!

    I'm coming to NY at the end of November and I wanna get the "Authentic" NY experiences.... I have My Giants and tickets sorted and I know the usual touristy places but I am hoping you guys can share some wisdom on like the best ****a, best park, best bar etc....

    So anything go's! Tell me you're favourite things to do as New Yorkers!


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    drink beer

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    Concrete Jungle
    Go to central park and watch the rollerbladers fall down.

    Antrel asks fans to "please stick with us" and when it's over "we'll all celebrate together."

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    I enjoy staying in....because living in NY I can't afford to do a ****ing thing...

    jk, I don't live down there anymore, so I'm of no real help
    Oderint Dum Metuant

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    eat a porkchop

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