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    Giants To Be Without 2 Key Players


    Excerpt: "The New York Giants have downgraded safety Kenny Phillips and defensive tackle Rocky Bernard to out for Sunday's game against the Dallas Cowboys.

    Phillips (knee), Bernard (quadriceps) and linebacker Jacquian Williams (knee) were the only Giants to not make the trip to Dallas. Williams was already ruled out by the team on Friday." Read more...
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    bummer i was hoping theyd make the trip

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    I dont get why players cannot come along and sit in street clothes.....its crazy

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    i think its an insurance thing i remember shockey had that issue where he wasnt allowed on the sidelines. i wonder it too myself. for home games u almost always see the injured guys but its away games

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    Get em healthy. We'll take out Dallas with the gatorade dispenser.

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    I don't know.... "key" players? Good solid.. yes, but "key"??

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    Quote Originally Posted by keyofgmen View Post
    I don't know.... "key" players? Good solid.. yes, but "key"??
    That's what I was thinking
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    We are in the best shape we've been, injury wise, all year. How could an article fail to point that out?
    How can a reporter report factlets without the necessary context?
    Let's tee it up!
    No one remembers who came in second.

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    Quote Originally Posted by keyofgmen View Post
    I don't know.... "key" players? Good solid.. yes, but "key"??
    Slow news day. Too bad they pump up nonsense on all news days. Even if they were the epitome of "key" players did the author notice that they have been out for some time. Like almost all of this little winning streak were on?

    On another note, I love how there really are few "key" players on this team. Lots of important pieces and guysyou dont want to hit hte field without. but there is only one monkey that can stop this show.

    A true team has been built here, few parts are any more important than the rest, and none more than the whole. Thank you for the great team Reese, we are certainly enjoying it.

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    Anyone who says Phillips isn't a key player is ridiculous

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