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Thread: I'm not sure Notre Dame could not challenge for a playoff spot in the NFL

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    Quote Originally Posted by Delicreep View Post
    Jack...I absolutely love your enthusiasm for the Giants and your passion for the players, but let me rephrase your sentence here and see if you really feel that way logically.

    "I would take a man with absolutely no NFL experience over a 2 time SB winning coach who is currently viewed as one of the top 3 coaches in the league."
    oh friggin is that Jack Stroud, gees, well that makes sense now
    Apologize to Melo 5

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    How about Nick Saban for DC after Fewell leaves? Although, Nick probably wouldn't want anything less than a NFL head coaching job at this point. That Alabama defense is lights out.

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    The Fighting Irish will be crowned NCAA Football Champions............BANK ON IT.......And yes they could easily beat Jscksonville or Cleveland

    Some of those 19 yr old kids are 330 lbs some are lightning fasrt and storng and both their QB s are better than David Carr

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