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    Eli and Cruz are not doing well

    These guys aren't connecting and Eli's accuracey the last two weeks is worrisome

    Bradshaw should sit...we neeed some speed in there to open up playaction

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    hard to be accurate when your receivers have 4 drops

    Edit- couldn't perfectly tell, but I'm just gonna count that 5 drops now.

    Our Receivers did not show up...
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    what are you talking about elis been great, receivers just dropping everyrthing

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    Eli's throwing great, throwing ball away when he has to, the WRs are dropping everything in sight

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    Yep, I think the misfires are on the WRs by and large.

    23-10 up and we really haven't played that well.

    Couple of statements at the start of the second needed.

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    the dirtball to cruz wasn't what i call great....cruz has been poor, no doubt...bennett dropped 4 points on us.... Bradsaw has garbage yards for his carries....make adjustments at the half

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    How the hell does Cruz have such horrible games against 1 team twice?

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    No just Cruz. The receivers have 5 drops.

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    One more for "this is on the receivers".....Cruz, Nicks dropped pne, Bennett dropped a critical one.

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    Not sure how anyone could say Eli has been great today... receivers aren't helping either though. Just a bad performance all around for the O
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