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    And to pour salt into the wound

    for those who care...

    Out of all ppl to break Stray's sack record, a Philthy Eagle is the likeliest candidate to do so (Babin w/ 18 sacks and 2 games left to go)


    C'mon Allen, wanna see more of the hog-lassoing these next two games...you can do it! Anybody but Babin!

    I'd have no prob even if D-Ware took it....maybe he gets on a hot streak for the home stretch, anybody but Jason friggin Babin...

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    Re: And to pour salt into the wound

    wow really he has 18 no one has been talking about this. i hope he doesnt get it.

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    Re: And to pour salt into the wound

    They play the Boys and the Skins for their final two....

    Man oh man, that biker-tatted vulture-looking meathead needs 4 sacks to break it, and he has Rex Grossman (out of all ppl) left on his schedule....Babin might get 4 sacks in the Skins game alone!


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    Re: And to pour salt into the wound

    Babin had 3 sacks today. He was on fire .
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    Re: And to pour salt into the wound

    He is a dirty player.
    Emperor Tom

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    Re: And to pour salt into the wound

    [quote user="NWKEffectElement"]He is a dirty player.[/quote]beat me to it, but yes he is a dirty player---when he was a Titan and now as an Eagle. Not that I am a Sanchez fan, but he got away with a helmet to helmet on Sanchez in the 1st half of that game.

    Maybe someone will someone will chop block the dirty piece of garbage!
    If people say something rude or off-color, you have to take it with a grain of salt, because they don't know you.
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