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    And to pour salt into the wound

    for those who care...

    Out of all ppl to break Stray's sack record, a Philthy Eagle is the likeliest candidate to do so (Babin w/ 18 sacks and 2 games left to go)


    C'mon Allen, wanna see more of the hog-lassoing these next two games...you can do it! Anybody but Babin!

    I'd have no prob even if D-Ware took it....maybe he gets on a hot streak for the home stretch, anybody but Jason friggin Babin...

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    Re: And to pour salt into the wound

    wow really he has 18 no one has been talking about this. i hope he doesnt get it.

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    Re: And to pour salt into the wound

    They play the Boys and the Skins for their final two....

    Man oh man, that biker-tatted vulture-looking meathead needs 4 sacks to break it, and he has Rex Grossman (out of all ppl) left on his schedule....Babin might get 4 sacks in the Skins game alone!


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    Re: And to pour salt into the wound

    Babin had 3 sacks today. He was on fire .
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    Re: And to pour salt into the wound

    He is a dirty player.
    Emperor Tom

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    Re: And to pour salt into the wound

    [quote user="NWKEffectElement"]He is a dirty player.[/quote]beat me to it, but yes he is a dirty player---when he was a Titan and now as an Eagle. Not that I am a Sanchez fan, but he got away with a helmet to helmet on Sanchez in the 1st half of that game.

    Maybe someone will someone will chop block the dirty piece of garbage!

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