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    when KP gets healthy, should we bench Rolle, stevie brown, or Keep KP out

    i am starting to like this steve brown guy. i didnt buy into the hype at first but i think he might be pretty good.

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    How do you take Stevie Brown off the field?
    “Never argue with an idiot. They will only bring you down to their level and beat you with experience.” MB Rule # 1

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    keep stevie brown he gets an int in almost every game

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    Quote Originally Posted by RoanokeFan View Post
    How do you take Stevie Brown off the field?
    This ignorant coaching staff will find a way to do it? If anything, bench Rolle, who's has been blowing coverage at an alarming rate, dating back to last season.

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    I'm buying int Brown although he and Webster should not have let that play happen near the end of the game. They where lucky that wasn't a TD. I think Hill has one more game on his suspension. Somehow they have to get him on the field too. He was looking really good. I don't think Romo throws for over 400 yards if KP is there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RoanokeFan View Post
    How do you take Stevie Brown off the field?
    Stevie Brown has really stepped it up in the place of Phillips. He was 1 of the top 3 stars of the game for us today. I say, don't rush Phillips back right now, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it!"

    Hopefully Fewell will find a way to keep Brown on the field even when KP comes back.

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    I would find a way to make one of them the nickel corner. All three are better than any CB that we have

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    I dont know how we can take Stevie Brown out. The guy tied for 1st (2nd?) in the league with interceptions. Hes become our own little version of Ed Reed.

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    With all the misques Rolle has had its not a bad idea.

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    I suspect they will give KP his job back, but will find a way to rotate Brown in there.

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