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    Thumbs up For the first time in a LONG time Kevin Gilbride almost cost us the game...

    Dreadful, conservative, moronic play calling today.

    ZERO adjustments.

    The receivers SUCKED today. Eli played fine he had NO help.. had maybe one bad throw to Hixon that was it.

    Gilbride doesn't get all the blame but he assumes 90% of it today. Pathetic game plan.

    Run, run, throw.
    Bradshaw, Bradshaw, Bradshaw... no gain.... no gain... no gain. yawnnn

    We did not deserve to win, but I am ecstatic we did.
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    Let's talk about it.

    This was a HUGE issue today. We are extremely fortunate we did not lose because of Gilbride.

    The love affair with Bradshaw HAS to stop. he is not effective vs faster LBers and physical LBers. Aside from the 49ers game being the only exeption.

    Andre Brown was running decisive and hard and yet only got 3 carries.

    I do not dislike Bradshaw, I just HATE how we use him sometimes.
    "Once a Giant, ALWAYS, a Giant."

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    The run game was brutal. AB had like one good run. The WR's dropped a ton of balls. Gilbride sure wasn't doing us any favors.

    He called a crap game against philly and a crap game here.

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    When the giants line up iform with hynoski we usualy do well Bradshaw or Brown, when we run iform or that rediculas direct snap we look dumb. eli sells that snap over his head like I sell packers stock

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    I have no qualm with the play calling. The execution is another thing.

    Giants fan since the early 80s

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    Run, run, pass is sickening when the QB is Eli and he can throw to Nicks and Cruz. If the run game worked ok, but it didn't.

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    are screen passes in his playbook..........he must have lost that small sub paragraph

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    Quote Originally Posted by ny06 View Post
    I have no qualm with the play calling. The execution is another thing.

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    Although execution is not Gilbride's fault, not adjusting what was not working is.
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    The anti Gilbride group (one that I am a member of) needs to be split into 2 clans. The Gilbride is too predictable category or the he does crazy play calls category. I keep on forgetting which posters are a part of which.

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