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    any one else think we got horrible spots on Bradshaws last non-1st down and the last


    I thoght Bradshaw had the 1st down to end the game.

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    ya, looked like he made it to me

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    Quote Originally Posted by BParcells777 View Post

    I thoght Bradshaw had the 1st down to end the game.
    What is the rule inside Two minutes on horrible spots?

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    Agree BAD SPOT was a first down thinking that that was not a reviewable play and unable to challenge.

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    refs were terrible. he was ontop of another player he was never evven really down. there was another instance earlier where he lunged for another 4 yds and the refs placed it badly.

    the refs really seemed like they were trying to make it a game/give it do dallas...i never say things like that but i swear, that PI call they picked up on prince...WTF!!!!!!!!!!IT WASNT EVEN CLOSE THEY HAD TO PICK UP THE FLAG BC THAT INSTANCE WAS TOO OBVIOUS

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    Totally. I thought I must have conjured up what I wanted to see instead of what was... even though I was so dang certain the ball was spotted wrong.
    Thank God For Judy!

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    They probably couldn't review the call but still a bad spot in my opinion. They def missed the calls in this game and I am now on a aspirin regiment because of this game. Trying to cut down my heart attacks. lol

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    Why can't they review that? It's challengable and it was a terrible spot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GiantBBQ View Post
    Why can't they review that? It's challengable and it was a terrible spot.
    Inside two minutes, Coughlin can't challenge, and the replay booth wouldn't ever initiate a review on a spot

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    the bad spot should not have been necessary.
    why is it we always try to run the clock out in those situations
    instead of going for the 1st down.

    how many times do we have to endure this conservative endgame BS.

    they still had 3 timeouts left which meant we could not run the clock out.
    should have thrown for the 1st down, and kept the ball.

    same thing in the red zone.....left too many points out there.
    there are teams you can run on and there are times when you should run.
    but not against Dallas.

    its always a shootout with Dallas and we try to win with poor clock management
    through the running game.

    cowardly , conservative , BS.

    we should have lost.
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