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    shout out to two guys on D

    1. JPP= guy's as good as they come, creates havoc even without sacks.
    2. Stevie Brown, man this guy's playing well. a 3 safety set may be in our future when Phillips comes back.

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    stevie brown is playing lights out

    jpp is a given at this point lol

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    Don't forget Chris Canty

    Giants fan since the early 80s

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    JPP and Steve. I have to mention a third. Canty had monster game. He had Romo on his rear most of the night.

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    Linval Joseph
    Chris Canty
    Stevie Brown

    Everyone else either, you did ok or GTFO!

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    My favorite play was when JPP had Tyron Smith on his rear ....

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    canty played well too. Joseph's been great too.

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