How am i suppose to re-size an image when you don't give any type of dimensions? When i use to run a site that had millions of traffic (believe or not) we had a forum, with not just images but the sizes of the images we allowed to be used on the forums based on pixels, is/was it so hard to do the same?

How about looking at others images. Or is it great to just police mine all of a sudden? When was i ever an inmate here for you to again go into my account with out having the common courtesy of contacting me as you all so highly state for other members to do? I would of easily re-sized the image if you pmed me, instead you have to go into my account and screw with it (I never did that to others). The problem is i didnt take ESP 101 to know what numbers you want, why not give us some template with numbers?

Funny how you are far from even keel, maybe even hypocritcal?

500px 375px Those are the stats for the above image.

500px 377px

480px 175px Amazing how the images (pixel wise are fairly similar), Sorry to say iam not a gfx artist, or have anything to do with eyeing images, but as you can see the numbers are fairly close.

Interesting numbers wouldnt you say? How about others? Would you like me to add more? Or do you need time to go erase them now, to try to prove me wrong?