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    I hate to say this because he's single handedly taken over games, but...

    Victor Cruz is starting to look like Steve Smith Part II. Don't get me wrong, Vic's will to make plays has led to some long catch and run plays that Steve Smith never had. But, one year SS leads the league in yards from the slot position and then becomes a volleyball setter, tipping balls to defensive backs for interceptions. Same thing with Vic. He's one of the best slot guys last year, but it seems like he's losing focus. He's cost the team a few interceptions this year.

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    I respect your opionion, but Im glad your not affiliated with the giants organization.

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    He got crushed... He is no Steve smith

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    Quote Originally Posted by appodictic View Post
    I respect your opionion, but Im glad your not affiliated with the giants organization.
    This was so good, i'll second it

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    He cost us exactly 1 interception :S(and that pass was a little high to be fair)

    against the Browns and Bucs he was clearly held and interfered with that led to interceptions. everyone has bad games.

    Look at Calvin Johnson against the Bears for example.
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    Really? Cruz's only bad games this season have been against dallas. He's still one of the best receivers in the league. 5th ranked receiver in the league in yards,
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    What the hell?

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    Here's my tinfoil hat theory:

    I don't question his skill. What I actually question his loyalty. Most of the time he's great for us. Even double covered he makes it work. But to me, it's strange that he has his best games vs the 49ers and Eagles, while disappearing vs the Cowboys. The only play of any significance he's had vs them was that one td catch where he was up against terrence freaking newman. Cruz is a known Cowboys fan. I think he was trying to give away the game. Watch him rebound BIG vs the steelers.

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    smh the threads just keep getting more and more ridiculous....

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