I love watching Dallas games, because it reminds me no matter how bad of a game Eli manning is having he is still much better then Tony Romo. I mean the entire second half the giants had no answer for Witten, Bryant or Austin. Three guys with 100+ yards. I mean especially once Blackburn went out boley got strait abused like a Red Headed step child. Yet somehow some way Romo found a way to rally to get the lead, and then choke choke choke the game away.
Its hilarious. if its not their defence, its their kicker, its there QB, its their receivers, its their running back. NBA jam used to have a stat for clutch. If that player was clutch and even if they were a center they could toss up a half court three and it would drop in. The Cowboys are anti-clutch every one of them. If the game is close, fold it up, its over. Romo might have 400 yards in a half but if they need a simple 4 yard catch or a two point conversion they are going to blow it. Game winning catch, hand out of bounds. Ever since Romo fumbled that FG they are jinxed. They should litterally just trade Romo, that big stadium is too much for him. It takes a guy like Eli to shine in those bright lights!