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Thread: Red zone issues

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    Red zone issues

    It isn't a new thing. It's been a problem since Coughlin arrived. We just haven't improved enough in this area regardless of all the new faces this team has had. When we keep settling for field goals we put more pressure on the defense. What's the deal? Is it the play calling in the red zone? Has KG been riding Eli's coat tails this whole time and wouldn't find much success OC'ing for another team?

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    tynes is the leading scorer of the nfl.. and that's not a good thing.. it means we leave way too many tds out there and settle for field goals..

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    This has been a problem since the pre-season. It's why I picked up Tynes on my fantasy team, and boy has that paid off!

    We are a high scoring team, but our red zone efficiency needs to improve. And after today's game, the most obvious showing of it, I'm sure Coughlin & Gilbride will look to fix that trend.

    Doesn't mean I'm dropping Tynes from my fantasy team though!

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