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Thread: On a positive note, Coughlin said and our young DBs underwent.....

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    all these games are major battles ... we were in hostile territory, but we came out with the W

    23-0 seemed to throw the game into a mode were the Cowboys didnt care .... they were more than willing to lose by 30+ or make the comeback ... they just started flinging it

    and mentally, it's tough not to get into a mode of being careful ... careful vs. who cares is what we saw and that is what makes the NFL great .... every game takes on it's own personality

    but all that matters is the W ... and what a big W with the rest of the NFC East losing
    Apologize to Melo 5

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    @Hassett00 62 pass attempts and only 4 sacks. Do you realize how much it takes to get to the qb? The D was gassed having to pass rush that much. With all those pass attempts they are going to make plays. IMO the d is not at fault, when you give the O a short field on 6 possessions and can only score 1 td that is a major problem. The D did there job the O let the D down on this day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Captain Chaos View Post
    The real problem is that we couldn't stop Whitten. He hurt us more than any other receiver. This was a game where J Will's talents were sorely missed. Don't get me wrong, Whitten would have had catches, I just don't think he would have had 18.... If you think other teams (Wait until we play Atalanta) don't see that and work to take advantage I'll be hugely surprised!
    As good as Stevie Brown and Blackburn have been, they're not very good in pass coverage. Once we get J.Williams and K.Phillips back, we will have much better personnel to matchup against the elite TEs. I'm much more concerned with Corey Webster, who has gotten burned almost every single week, and repeatedly.

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