Coughlin said some things critical of our D, particularly the secondary and their coverage. He specifically called the coverage "loose." Obviously we know our HC is smart and knows what we need to fix. That is a positive I think. We know we have our ups and downs, and our team is a "backs against the wall team" and a "clutch" team. We have 2 Lombardi Trophies in 5 years, and we are lucky to have an awesome HC, GM, and classy franchise.

I'll take our team and its traits any day of the3 quarter studs like Phillip Rivers and Tony Romo-guys who are lights out in the regular season and the first 3 quarters of a game, but then get knocked out in the 4th quarter and in the playoffs. We don't have our owners on TV commercials and have our 1.5 Billion dollar stadium talked about (which is actually more money than the highly publicized Cowgirls stadium). We are the New York Football Giants and we travel the world, and stomp that *** out.

Our young DBs went up against Jason Witten, Miles Austin, and Dez Bryant (head case that he is, he is also a physical freak like Megatron). That is no small task. While they gave up yards and some big plays, Mr Romo also threw the ball 62 freaking times. 62! They held his percentage down and he actually got some big plays on some pretty sick routes that our raw and young DBs almost covered perfectly. Hosley in particular covered Austin like a glove, yet still made some unbelievable catches.

Anyway, these guys are young, inexperienced, and went up against a talented and savvy bunch. The thing is, they learned today. There are going to be some completions, and some chunks of yards given up, but our young DBs are learning against some of these heady veterans. They will be all the better for it man, trust me. Prince and Jayron are our future. IN my opinion, they are going to be a better combo than Brandon Carr and Morris Clairborne-they will be Phillippi Sparks and Jason Sehorn Part Deux.

Dont get me started on the refs, but on a positive note, we won in spite of their ineptitude. They seriously made such egregious calls on us and non-calls on Dallas, I seriously questioned whether they would keep the Bryant TD catch when it was clear as day.

So all you trolling negative nancies, and you >100 post posting slobberknockers (post count doesn't really matter unless youre one of those infrequent posters who only come in when things are bad and troll-you know who you are, you no talent asshats), lick my choad, and choke on my swamp *** lint cheese, you suck. Go be miserable in your life off the boards.

Go Big Blue.