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    Ive never been more proud to be a giants fan in my life than right now

    Say what you want about this team. I honestly dont care how many yards the D gives up, or how many field goals we settle for, as long as we continue to play with the most important stat. HEART. This team has heart and they never gave up. Hosley is a small example of that. He didnt have his best game but he fought hard. We did an excellent job shutting down the run game and our whole defense played hard.

    Say what you want to say about bradshaw, he always puts it all out there and gives it all he has. Dallas played us tough. The giants have proved time in and time again that they are a resilient team and we have been finding ways to win even if its not pretty. When we finish a game i never look at how many yards we had or gave up. After a game i look at 3 things.

    1. The win/loss column
    2. How hard we played
    3. who got injured.

    Thats all that matters.

    Here are the NFL standings


    Packers 5-3
    saints 2-5
    ravens 5-2
    steelers 4-3
    49ers 5-2

    Everyone is struggling this season. Tom brady made a comment earlier that i seen coming. He said maybe patriot fans are spoiled and that winning isnt easy in this league. You have to work hard. I am now starting to think that we are spoiled. We just came off of a hard fought game beating a div rival. We are the 4th best team at 6-2, and we are 2 -3 games a head of everyone in the div. But there are threads saying fire coaches?

    Sorry but i cant call out players or coaches after watching them fight like the way did they today. Its not always going to look pretty. I couldnt be more proud to be a giants fan.
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    Drugs is never the answer
    “Never argue with an idiot. They will only bring you down to their level and beat you with experience.” MB Rule # 1

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    ​Of course not, Alcohol is.....

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    Just Win Baby!!!

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    Have to say that I share some of the same feelings. Mostly because I really believe that winning games where parts of the team are not playing well are the most important wins. For years it always seemed like we lost games like the last two, when the offense or defense stuggles, but this year seems different. Yes, we still have problems, too many yards given up through the air, dropped passes, and some blown coverages on defense, but like you said we are 6 - 2 and I fully expect the team to get back on track next week.

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    I think there was a lot wrong with the performance yesterday, but there was a lot right in terms of guts, determination and just getting it done.

    A win is a win, there's no asterix against it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kendo15 View Post
    I think there was a lot wrong with the performance yesterday, but there was a lot right in terms of guts, determination and just getting it done.

    A win is a win, there's no asterix against it.
    Agree 100% and I am fully confident the Giants will get things fixed.

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    You should have read some of the threads/posts from last night . . .. . your pride would quickly have been replaced by shame.

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    I wrote a blog and expressed that there are things to be happy about, cause a win is a win but also a few things which worry me. In my opinion Gilbride's conservative play calling kills us! He doesn't open up the offense until we are down. In the 4th quarter the Giants are driving and have first down within field goal range. He then calls a run, then another run and puts Eli is a 3rd and long. Doesn't mix it up at all, he played it for the field goal. Sure it worked out at the end but by a Dez Bryant finger tip. Red zone calls are horrendous by him as well and please someone tell him to stop calling the draw play on important 3rd downs. I watch the games with my kids and they can see it coming so imagine opposing teams!

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    Right On !!!

    Amen Mik !!......Some of those pessimistic cry baby's in this forum live in a "perfect" world, which we know does not exist. You could not have said it any better! Thanks

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