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    "Who would have ever thought that the Cowboys would be back in this game"

    Did anyone else want to punch their arm thru the TV when Breneman kept saying this in the 3rd quarter? Everyone I was watching the game with, (including a couple of non-Giant fans) were saying that 23 points may not win this game. Most football fans know that when you get that many turnovers and keep kicking field goals there is a good chance that the other team will come back and at least make it close.

    I just hate when announcers try and make things more dramatic than they really are.

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    He was right to say that and it's his job.

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    I thought It was a good cushion ! But who thought that cushion was filled with Air...............Any way, a Wins a WIN ! And we are 6 & 2

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    Well he was right...who would have thought?
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    I knew that 23 pt. lead was full of fluff when we couldn't score td's in the redone on all those turnovers.

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    I was never confident in that 23 point lead when I saw how the offense was struggling. And with Witten tearing it up it was just a matter of time before the game was close again.

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