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    Time for Kiwi to take Osi's spot

    Osi couldn't even tackle Romo when he was running straight into his arms.

    Enough already.....get Kiwi back to DE where he belongs.
    "They come to the line of scrimmage and the first thing they do is start looking for me....I know, and they know. When they’d find me they’d start screaming: 56 left ! 56 left!....So there’s this thing I did. After the play was over I’d come up behind them and whisper: don’t worry where I am. I’ll tell you when I get there."
    - Lawrence Taylor

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    You and I both know it won't happen. Kiwi will get his opportunities to play d-end, but unless Osi get's injured he will get a good amount of snaps at d-end.

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    Well they paid him a lot of money so I guess they want him out there. I said this 5 weeks ago.

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