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    Which side bounces back?

    The blame game for yesterday can go on and on and with good reason are hanging this one on the O.

    Who do you have faith in to bounce back to form - Offense or Defense?

    My vote's for the O.. for me its a simple answer

    Offense - we all know what they're capable of

    Defense - ok bounce back to what? Whats their identity again?

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    I think the offense, they know what their problems and I gotta believe they will fix the redzone issue.

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    Offense. They had a bad showing yesterday, but are typically more consistent than the D. They worry me less.

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    This defense and this offense is always gonna keep each other in it to the last second. Both will bounce back. Especially in non division games.

    Don't think too deep about this game. This happens in every other divisional game in every other division. Not just the NFC East.
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