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    I love Eli Manning to death but this one thing he does that's so funny...

    Eli running is the funiest thing in the world! He cannot scramble, evade, dodge, or slip out of harms way with out making me bust out laughing! From his spin move last year to everytime he makes a break for it, it's so funny when he runs for the side line. Eli, you are a two time superbowl MVP, the owner of the 4th quarter. and record breaker, but Eli is not a runner, but I still love him!

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    Phil sims had blocks of concrete on his feet when he ran didn't he?
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    No but he is mobile enough in the pocket to keep plays alive and thats enough for me.

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    Eh, he's paid to throw. Would be nice if he were more mobile, but then again, if he were more mobile, he'd feel comfortable running the ball, and then come the injury problems.

    Coincidence that someone like Rodgers has 3 concussions and Eli still has yet to miss a game?
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    Eli throwing on the run is pretty accurate

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    Actually he has been incredible at throwing on the run this year - extremely accurate. Its not something i'd want the giants to design cause it hasn't been his strong suit - but they actually have moved the pocket a couple of times and third and shorts and its worked here and there. He is no running qb and quite frankly i am happy about that. Vick constantly hurt - Griffin 8 games in already had a concussion - the NFL is not made for qb's who are gonna get hit like that - at least not for long. I'll take a pocket passer with pocket mobility any day.

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    Lmao Eli is hilarious when he runs bro.

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    It is always better when he makes the D miss, that really gets me rolling!

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    It is funny for sure!!! We are always " oh shhhh Eli with the moves"!!!

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    There was one play where the middle opened up and he took off for a huge gain of 3 yds....my grandmother would've had 20.....

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