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    Game plan vs. Steelers?

    How can we get things going on offense? Also, I don't know much about their DB's, I know they have some injured players in the secondary but that's about it.
    In addition, on defense, how do we contain Roethlisberger and his lethal third down efficiency?
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    On offense I always believe that its best when we concentrate on short-medium range passing. Relentless passes of 5-8 yards will keep moving the chains and open up the run and the occassional big play. Also like it when we utilize the middle of the field, though Eli is known for his pinpoint back shoulder sideline throws.

    On defense, I guess we just have to take it as it comes. Get to Roethlisberger and hit him often and hard.

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    The offense had a bad game. The defense has had a bad season. They have to win shoot outs with this defense.

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    our offensive plan is this, try to get close to the redzone and let tynes kick a field goal as usual. as for defense you have to get to Ben, the secondary must also play well because their WRs are physical.

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    Can't keep winning games with FG's !.......Have to get TD's IN the RED Zone !.... Eli & the G-Men, are going to have to come up with some kind of plays to get it done.....He's smart enough ...Lets take care of the Steelers First, and then start Winning games one at a time...The Season is closing in .

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    The Steelers have one of the best Pass Defenses in the league, I think that we have the weapons that should be up to the task. Will still need to get some yardage on the ground.

    On Defense, big guy with a big arm but not all that fast. Think we will be able to get to him, but you aren't going to arm tackle this guy, he'll likely break free. look for something like we saw in North Carolina.

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    The Steelers secondary is not good at all, there front seven is where the strength of that team is. For us to win we need to be able to throw it, I actually think we match up well with them. Getting Big Ben to the ground on first contact is key, we can not let him extend plays with his legs.

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    Hopefully they plan for Dwyer, he's been running really well.

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