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    Eli's expressions in Sunday's match up

    Anyone think that Eli looked a little more concerned with the game than he usually does. He seemed to show more emotion in the game than I ever see him do before, if this is true, is he losing the swagger that made him the comeback king. Is that why the offense couldn't move the balll, Eli may have been off his game. I'm not suggesting this is truth, i'm speaking on what I saw and asking if anyone else thinks this

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    eli nervous? i dont think so ,he just has to get motivated sooner rather than trailing in a game.

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    In the 4th quarter eli immediately got us the lead back and into field goal position to take the lead. Hes the same Eli no matter the situation or who we play.

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    He looked frustrated to me. He hasn't played the way he's used to lately. He's not used to not being able to figure out a defense. He will get it back. Back to back division games are tough. I'm not worried at this point.

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    There was no figuring out the defense. We couldnt run (which is te biggest vulnerabilty in the Ryan defense) and our WR werent beating their coverages. Id be more concerned by the fact that Carr and Clabourne owned Nicks and Cruz twice in a row. I hope this isnt a trend in the coming years but sofarthese two games were extremely disappointing.

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    I don't think Eli looked that much different to me... He may have been a little frustrated with the drops he had some nice throws. The run game never really materialized, and they weren't effective in the red zone. I think they had a harder time with the Redskins D...

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    Yes. This game showed that Eli is losing his swagger and that the Giants' run with him at the helm is nearing the end. Time to move on from Eli and start looking for the next Dave Brown

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    I'd be frustrated too if receivers were dropping passes.
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    I recall a mini-explosion, which basically amounted to him throwing a cup of water(or something) on the ground. Not a big deal, but definitely not something i remember seeing before from Eli.

    Can anyone confirm?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rudyy View Post
    I'd be frustrated too if receivers were dropping passes.
    Normally Id agree that our WRs are dropping passes, but the past couple of games Eli has been far from Elite. I'm sure he will get in a rhythm again at somepoint soon though.
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