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    Cruz agreed to deal's structure.

    ESPN is reporting he signed a deal. Anyone else hear this?


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    All ive heard and seen is the structure of the deal. Nothing signed yet...

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    Yea sorry he said they have agreed to. Who is they ? lol

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    Yep they just agreed on the structure...no deal has been made to sign yet.

    It's a step in the right direction but still a work in progress.

    "From what I hear, they’ve just agreed on the structure right now,” Cruz said on WFAN. “And that’s all I’m at liberty to say.
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    if this is true its great news and i am happy for him

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    Definitely positive news I'd say. If the structure is there, I would think the money aspect will be simple. I'm thinking they had a number in mind, and it was just a matter of how it will be paid out over the length of the contact.

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    I just hope they can get Nicks done with him. I really think having them together is what makes this team. If not then Randle better come along nice to replace Nicks.

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    Isnt he the Dallas Cowboy spy though?

    /red text

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    He's played well and should get paid for what he is doing...

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    Well I'm glad for Cruz, but he's taking a beating out there this year. Look at some of the hits he's had to absord thus far. Hopefully Nicks can get to his old self soon again so that defenses are going to have to start double teaming him and not just focus on laying hits on Cruz.

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