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    Diehl to start aginst Steelers


    Sean Locklear said he got the news Wednesday, from Giants offensive line coach Pat Flaherty: David Diehl will return to his starting right tackle job this week, and Locklear will return to jumbo tackle duty.

    "He said, 'You're not being benched because of your play,' " Locklear said of his conversation with Flaherty. " 'Youíve been playing good; youíve done everything weíve asked. Itís jkst the guy canít lose his job from minor injury.' I kind of expected it, I just didnít know when it was going to happen. Heís been here 10 years, heís started virtually every game. So I understand where they are coming from."

    Locklear said Diehl is taking all the reps with the first team, in preparation to start against the Steelers.

    I do not like this at all!!!!

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    you would think this coaching staff would learn after the O'Hara Fiasco a couple years ago
    "When I was 15, I could not believe how dumb my father was.....when I was 25, I could not believe how much he had learned in 10 years"

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    When we can't run and Diehl gets beat, what will happen then? I appreciate everything DD has done for us over the years, but I think using him in situational moments and an extra blocker would be best for the team right now. Feelings should not matter at this point. Our Oline has looked pretty damn good this past month..

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    Here we go again. Steelers have 12 sacks this year in 8 games. Lets see how many we give up. Diehl is not a good tackle anymore. He lost his first step. I don't get why we are now trying to fix something that isn't broke.
    1-OT Ryan Ramczyk
    2-TE Adam Shaheen
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    ugh..this is making me feel less secure about the game.

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    Hate the move!! I almost hope the run game sucks and he gets beat so locklear can get his spot back. Terrible move!

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    lol what a week to do it.

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    This is rediculous. You play the people that give you the best chance to win and that is not Diehl at this point in his career.

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    LaMarr Woodley and James Harrison must be stoked lol

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