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    I'm bracing myself for Plaxico.

    If there's any player in the NFL that wants to rub Coughlin's face in the dirt, it's Plaxico.

    And if there's any DC in the NFL timid enough to allow it to happen, it's Fewell.

    I'm expecting a multiple TD game from Plaxico.

    Eli had better be ready to score AT LEAST 35 if they expect to beat the Jets.

    Outside of JPP, this will be another rollover day for the once proud Giants D.

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    Re: I'm bracing myself for Plaxico.

    Most of the players in this team are laughing at the fans. They just want the season to end so they can enjoy their millions. I'm tired of hearing them talk. We will make the playoffs, we won't collapse again, blah blah blah.

    Maybe they can line JPP up against Burress. He is the only guy out there playing defense. The team shoild be ashamed of how bad they look when a guy like JPP is all over the field making plays.

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