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    Giants Steelers Match ups (they look pretty even)

    Match ups to me look pretty even. Which team has the edge and at what position? I think the Giants Recievers and D-line give them the slight advantage. No turnovers and The Giants should win!!!! What do you all think????

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    Prince shows up in man coverage and webby performs like old, they're sick off hearing the secondary is terrible. Eli rattles their d with his blank stare showing the dirty players you ain't ****.

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    Yeah I get it. Score more than the other team. Now entertain us wit a little analysis.......

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    On paper both teams are very evenly matched across the board.The Steelers run a 3-4 defense much different to our 4-3. But there d-line is very good. Ziggy Hood and Brett Keisel are solid 3-4 ends, and Casey Hampton is a stone wall in this league at the nose for over a decade. As for the Steeler receivers they are all solid, Wallace with his speed, Brown runs great routes and has good hands. And there 3rd wide out Sanders is a solid all around receiver. The Steelers weakest unti I would say is there o-line, but with Todd Haley implementing quick passes Ben is not taking as many sacks as previous years. Both teams don't commit many turnovers, so the team who wins the turnover battle will most likely win this game.

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