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    3rd and 9 and they leave a guy WIDE open!?


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    Hosley got worked thats how.

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    Our secondary is completely incompetent and clueless! They have no idea how to cover a receiver in crucial situations!

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    i have no idea what Hosley was doing there. Jason Sehorn now at age 46 could have done better....wow

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    Scary bad..................................... really

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    Hosley had him covered, ran away from him, then stood there looking clueless. Hosley has really done aboslutely nothing except give up yrdag and make mistakes

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    Prince played bad also

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    You could see it coming when Pittsburgh scored their last touchdown: Big Ben was finding receivers wide open.

    Am I surprised he threw it at that point? Absolutely not.
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    Hosely probably thought it was zone since we pretty much played zone defense all game and got confused that it was man coverage who could blame him hes a rookie mistakes will be made.

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