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    Our LBs are awful

    There is plenty of blame to go around, but our LBs awfulness is getting harder and harder to ignore including yet another sterling Kiwi performance (1 tackle). Whether its getting gouged by the Steelers 4th and 5th running backs and subpar Oline, or the Redskins or opposing TEs catching 100 balls on us (Whitten). The LBs don't stop the run, can't cover and don't rush the passer, the trifecta of awful. Some of that you might be able to chalk up to scheme, but it's not all scheme...its lack of talent. Boley is the only one who occasionally makes a play, but the rest are constantly invisible.

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    Only ourselves to blame. We've invested nothing in the position. No high draft picks, outside of Boley little in terms of quality free-agents.

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    I agree our LB's are trash at an NFL standard. Boley is all we have. But even still, these guys had to be exhausted when every 3 mins theyo back on the are called to go back on the field. The Steelers defense got to rest a bit if you did not notice. Our defense made plays when they had to especially early on, but d*mn, when one half of the team is playing like trash it is only BARTENDER!!!

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    I can't even count how many times Boley has failed miserably attempting to cover a TE. At times, I even forget that Kiwi is on the field. Blackburn isn't great, but at least he has a lot of heart and he's a good leader.

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    Kiwi is awful at LB. Too big and slow to play in space. Been saying it forever. In fact the whole core has a startling lack of speed.

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    Boley makes plays in pass coverage, but he is awful against the run.

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    Hate to say it, but I'm used to mediocre linebacking. Giants have decided that DE's are more important than LB's.
    "I like linebackers. I collect 'em. You can't have too many good ones." - Bill Parcells

    "Name the starting linebackers from 2007." - Jerry Reese

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