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Thread: BARTENDER!!!!!

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    Enough is enough!!!! This offense is a piece of work considering all the talent standing at the line of scrimmage. Blaming our defense for this game is like a guy who works the am shift at the local Quickie Mart & has to work the pm shift the same day bekuz someone called in sick & blaming him for the register coming up short. Our D has weak points yes, but d*mn, when our offenses inability to move the ball causes our D to stay on the field the majority of the game you can't point fingers at them, pardon me, BARTENDER!!!!!!......our offense is our weakspot, period!!!!

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    Never thought i would agree with someone saying our offense is our weakness. Guess the truth hurts lol

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    This offense has sucked the last few weeks. double cruz and nicks and the third receivers aren't showing up tight ends not doing anything. We have nothing

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