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    An explanation of my behavior.

    One time, I made a post during a game, declaring it to be over and that the Giants suck, etc. It was out of frustration due to it being a game that the Giants should have dominated. The Giants ended up winning that game. I, then, thought it was my superstitious "thing". I did it again and it "worked" again. I have done it 2 more times since. The Giants won both times. I did it today and the Giants lost. I am not a superstitious person, usually, but Giants games make me crazy and I've got to do something to deal with it. I'm sorry for the stupid crap I've posted. I won't be a **** anymore, now that it didn't "work".

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    lol I can understand.

    I'm a superstitious guy too...I have a bunch of quirks when watching games. Even when they dont work I still do them.

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    yeah when you think they're gonna lose they win, unfortunately doesn't work everytime

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    In private we all have superstitions for the game. You just brought your public. I have specific clothing and places to sit and objects to hold during the game. Football and especially the giants makes everyone crazy.

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    I was willing to make a public *** of myself, as long as the Giants win.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HAMMERHEDD View Post
    I was willing to make a public *** of myself, as long as the Giants win.
    And knowing this i expect to see you doing it in the future or will assume youve given up being a fan. Ill wear my scarves and funky shirts to try to make them win whether it helps or not.

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