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Thread: Offensive Woes

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    Offensive Woes

    Alright, after watching not only this game, but the last 3 weeks of football and overall the last 7 years, we need to find a way to fire Kevin Gilbride.....NOW! His playing calling, not to mention allowing old offensive linemen (David Deihl) to continue to play has made this offense predictable and useless. The only reason that he still has a job is because of Eli and the defense bailing him out in our last two Super Bowl wins. It's time to get Jerry Reese to see reason and get this man out of the organization....NOW!!

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    If Wilson would get a few touches, maybe we could get our running game going. Notice how the 2 games we had wilson scoring a TD in we absolutely dominated. hmmm, pretty conicidental isnt it?

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    with killdrive's play calling it's easier for opposing defenses to shut us down

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